About Us

A.V. Olsson Trading Co. is a family-owned business focusing on the importation of fine dairy products, quality herring, and environmentally-friendly cooking and baking products. We import directly from Scandinavia or produce our products in North America using original Scandinavian recipes. The company was founded in the 1920s by Adolf Viktor Olsson, a Swedish immigrant, and is presently owned and operated by the family's third generation. 

Quality Herring

The company has been in the herring business under the Skansen label since its inception. The Skansen brand was the first to offer a variety of consumer-sizesd jars, in a market of only bulk suppliers.

Today, we search the world over for the absolute finest quality herring to put under the Skansen label, including Herring in Wine Sauce and Herring in Sour Cream Sauce from Canada, and Matjes Herring packed according to our specifications in Finland.

All of our Wine Sauce and Sour Cream sauce products carry the OU (Kosher) Seal. Our Matjes carries the K (Kosher) Seal from Rabbi Meir Horden of the Central Rabanut of Sweden.

Fine Cheeses 

A.V. Olsson Trading Co. sources fine cheeses and other dairy products from all over the world. The majority of our cheeses come from Swedish dairies, however, and are produced using traditional techniques.

The cheeses we offer include Scandic Swedish Fontina, Scandic Farmer Cheese, Västerbottensost, Prästost, Grevé, and Herrgård. 

The cheeses under our Scandic label have proven to be some of our most-loved and highest selling products. Our Scandic Swedish Fontina is known for its shiny red wax and tangy flavor, and Farmer Cheese for its round shape and smooth, mild flavor.

Paper Products

A.V. Olsson owns a line of environmentally-friendly, unbleached cooking and baking products under the Beyond Gourmet brand, which we have been proudly selling since 1995.

Beyond Gourmet products that are Green Seal Certified include our unbleached Parchment Paper, Baking Cups, Mini Baking Cups, and No. 2, No. 4, and Basket Style Coffee Filters.